6 Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls should be on everybody’s bucket list! It’s a fantastic location to go to countries in one stop and discover considered one of America’s most attractive waterfalls. The parks themselves are free and you may stare upon one among nature’s wonders any time of the year! (Winter takes on a different ambiance).

Here are six suggestions that may assist you to make the most out of your own journey to Niagara Falls.

1. Weekdays are the very best time to go to!

Your greatest bet for avoiding the crowds is visiting between Tuesday by means of Thursday. Weekends have the heaviest crowds. Holidays can also be a nightmare and should usually be standing room only on the rails. You will discover your self having 30-seconds to view the Falls before being elbowed out of the way.

When traveling by automobile, overview the border crossings status. This is very true for the Rainbow Bridge. This can prevent hours (!) sitting in traffic waiting to cross from one country to another. Make sure to have your documentation ready to go. You may as well cross by foot across the Rainbow Bridge, however you’ll still need your passport or different documentation.

2. For the best view, day or night time, stay on the Canadian Side.

Sure, it’s a trouble to go through the process of getting a passport, however it’s value it. Why?

Higher view of the Falls. You may get a panoramic view versus from viewing from the side or from behind.

Closer walk from most hotel rooms (additionally, views from these!). Stay at one of the hotels near Fallsview Boulevard and it may be as simple as a 10-minute stroll if you happen to use the incline.

It’s safer. Town of Niagara Falls, Ontario is safer than the New York metropolis bearing the same name, especially at night.

The Canadian city of Niagara Falls has also gone by way of a lot of work cleaning up the area, upgrading the building exteriors, and planting tulips and different lovely plants. It’s not the same metropolis that I first visited in 1998. It nonetheless has its tacky, tourist elements but you can avoid that by visiting just the Falls and its surrounding attractions.

The fireworks! It’s a greater view. You can see them with the American Falls within the background versus seeing the fireworks with skyrises.

3. Viewing the Falls is free! (Parking can vary…)

Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is the primary area for viewing Niagara Falls. It stretches from the end of Horseshoe Falls all the way in which to the Oakes Backyard Theatre. The theatre is near Rainbow Bridge the place you may stroll across to the American side, getting a wonderful view of the falls as you walk throughout (bring your passport and $1).

4. Get Wet!

On the American side, visit the Cave of the Winds and take the Maid of the Mist ride. There are additional tours you possibly can take as well, akin to helicopter tours. Go to the Niagara Falls State Park website to purchase tickets.

In Canada, go to the Journey Behind the Falls, Hornblower Niagara Cruises, or White Water Walk. Buy a package deal to go to multiple venues at the Niagara Parks website.

Personal tip: you can visit the Niagara’s Fury 4D exhibit, however for the value, I might stick to the Journey Behind the Falls. The experience will get you even wetter than the film and you’ll study the same history. Also, if you’re prone to migraines, the flashing lights in the exhibit might set off one.

5. Food can get costly, so get creative.

Like with most cities that focus heavily on tourism, eating in Niagara Falls may be costly! There are restaurants within the area which have decrease-priced meals moderately than a $37-dollar hamburger. Here are just a few suggestions that won’t break your budget.

6. Keep for the Fireworks!

Through the summer time months and other components of the years, you can watch the fireworks over the brink of Niagara Falls. They are launched from the Canadian side, directly across from the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. You can see the fireworks from both side! The nighttime illumination of the Falls is also spectacular.

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