Game Assessment – Farming Simulator 19

It won’t imply much to those that aren’t agriculture maniacs however this latest instalment options probably the most intensive roster of official vehicles and tools within the series. Where racing sims vie for high-finish Porsches and Ferraris, Farming Simulator 19 has managed to land fabled brands corresponding to Massey Ferguson and John Deere. So if the considered towing an officially licensed trailer somehow arouses you, then Farming Simulator 19 is pure filth.

Whichever vehicles you set your eyes on, you’re going to see loads of them. As at all times, a lot of the Farming Simulator expertise revolves around driving up and down the same route, cultivating fields, sowing seeds, and ready to harvest the crop ad infinitum. You’ll occasionally need to refuel or change vehicles/tools relying on the job at hand however there’s no escaping the inherent repetition. Distractions, akin to elevating animals, adds some variety but the focus right here is especially on working in the fields, learning what to plant, where to sell it, and what land or equipment to spend money on next.

In Farming Simulator 19 there are 3 ways to kickstart your career, either starting from scratch, with a measurementable farm, or as a larger farm manager. There are additional ways to tailor your simulation as well, resembling modifying timescale and plant development, with loads more granular settings to tweak. As in previous instalments, workers may also be hired to automatically perform duties (doing everything yourself manually is pure madness). Having these options there may be great, permitting you to streamline specific components of the game, but there’s nothing to end this unappealing, by no means ending loop.

Farming Simulator 19 is means more attention-grabbing when opening your ranch to different players, hosting on-line sessions and working together with friends. It requires organisation but having six individuals farming in tandem revs up the otherwise sluggish pacing, whatever side antics you stand up to serving as a welcome tonic to the soul-destroying loneliness of solo play. Those on PC can even go a step additional, being able to host as much as 15 other farmers for a hectic online hoedown. If only Giants had gone for the total 100, Fortnite and PUBG would’ve had some serious competition.

If the series have been to pursue multiplayer even additional, pushing towards something resembling more of an MMO, it may certainly breathe new life into the franchise. Speaking of multiplayer, it’s a disgrace this doesn’t include any of the aggressive Championship modes mentioned earlier. With the core sim experience seemingly entrenched, Giants must be looking to experiment around the edges of the core game, but alas they have not.

A new graphics engine means that this is one of the best-looking Farming Simulator to date, which isn’t really saying much. It’s not exactly what you’d call picturesque, rolling through the identical cluster of fields with little in the best way of selection bar a smattering of straightforward landmarks. On the identical time these visuals are inoffensive (you’ll find some god-terrible textures, but only for those who go on the lookout for them) and the work completed to recreate the game’s stable of licensed vehicles is definitely reasonably impressive.

In terms of audio, there’s not much to say. When there’s a short pause in whatever playlist, podcast, of audiobook you’re certainly listening to while you play, you’ll be handled to a relentless soundscape of machinery and the occasional chorus of digitised farm animals. There’s an in-game radio too, however this ought to only be used if in dire need of some extra background noise.

The thought of trying any simulator is each scary and exciting, however there’s a reason why these games appeal to such a very hardcore following. By design, they’re labour intensive and completely monotonous however tick all the boxes in terms of faithfully recreating day-to-day vocational life. Though Giants Software may be admired for its work on the franchise, and catering to fans, Farming Simulator 19 has almost no entertainment value in any respect for gamers, no matter how open-minded you are.

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